Ms. Jazz Jan D. Gregorio



You can never tell that you are already successful in life until you achieve the thing that you love and do what you love to do. Meet Ms. Jazz Jan D. Gregorio. She used to be a scholar of The Sunlad-Simpex Educationa Scholarship Foundation Inc. She struggled all her life to survive and surmount all challenges that were set before her in order to become a better person with a profession someday.

We, at Sunlad Foundation, are proud to announce that Ms. Gregorio is now a successful grade school teacher! She is teaching Music, Arts, Physical Educ., Health and Technology and Livelihood Education at St. Thomas More Academy. Efforts and time are spent religiously on a teaching career while looking forward to pass the Licensure Examination next year.

We are proud of you! Keep it up and Soar high.