john_bartolomeName: John R. Bartolome
Degree: AB Philosophy- 3rd Year
School: St. Peter’s College Seminary

Another successful year has officially ended. I am so thankful that the foundation gave me another chance of proving my worth and for all my hard work. Thank you so much for your support especially in my financial needs here in the seminary. Please bear in mind that even though I may not be that visible in your office, my prayers for you and the foundation will never be forgotten in my everyday living I the seminary.


eimirish_reyesName: Eimerish P. Reyes
Degree: BS Business Administration – 1st Year
School: Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology

I will do anything just to be able to cope up with every adjustment I have to undergo. As I have mentioned, it’s quite a long time before stepping in again in this kind of environment that sometimes, experiencing struggles are just part of ordinary days. But honestly, I am happy and truly appreciated the chance you’ve given me. This will open a wide window for my bright future.


college_kidDegree: BS Mechanical Engineering- 1st Year
School: University of Batangas Lipa Campus

I have come to know people with a good educational background, they show on us what college life would be, and because of them I can say that I can increase my hidden knowledge and I can assure that I will be a successful engineer someday.


melvin_arquezaName: Melvin Angelo F. Arqueza
Degree: AB Philosophy- 2nd Year
School: Mt. St. Aloysius College Seminary, Quezon

On my Academic life, I am exerting a lot of effort to pass every subject. One of the Priests told us that we should aim for excellence because if you just aim on the passing rate, you’re just wasting your time and effort. I am giving a lot of attention on studying so that I can show my gratitude. I always ask help from God. Whenever we have a quiz, I offer everything that I learned to God and as for enlightenment from the Holy Spirit and the results are always surprising. Because I believe “little is much, when God is in it”.

kevin_elendronName: Kevin L. Elendron
Degree: BS Marine Transportation- 2nd Year
School: Philippine Merchant Marine School, Las Piñas

I, Kevin Elendron, consider myself very blessed that I’m one of the beneficiaries of your scholarship program. It is truly an honor for me to be part of your program because not all students like me are given this kind of opportunity. I make sure that will not break your expectations to me.


geraldine_silveoName: Geraldine A. Silveo
Degree: BS Accountancy- 2nd Year
School: University of San Agustin, Iloilo

I am so much thankful to the Foundation because without the people behind it, I would not be here in this stage that started with a dream and now taking a leap one at a time going through success. They made me experienced what college life really is. For me, this is the most crucial stage for a person to develop.

camille_mattaName: Camille Jan G. Matta
Degree: Bachelors of Law – 2nd Year
School: University of San Agustin, Iloilo
I once had a visit in my former school, the school where I spent almost half of my life as a student, and there I happened to bump into an old classmate of mine way back in college and had a chit-chat with her. It was just a usual catching-up stuff until we mused over the thought of postgraduate studies, it was then that I realized that she also wanted to enter law school yet she can’t afford to send herself to school. At that very moment, it seemed like I was brought back to the exact situation wherein I feared the uncertainty of me not proceeding for post graduate studies to become a lawyer, it was as if my very own light suddenly went out, but not until Sunlad Simpex Educational Scholarships Foundation Inc. rekindled it by a spark when I became a full fledged scholar. From that moment, I just can’t be thankful enough to the Foundation

steffany_monteroName: Steffany Grace B.Montero
Degree: BS Management- 2nd Year
School: University of the Philippines, Visayas

I would like to thank the Foundation for all the support, for a year full of memories worth remembering, for my newfound family, for the life lessons I’ve learned, and for all the little things. Thank you for becoming a huge part of our lives. People like us just sometimes need people like you to be able to live life. And somehow, someday, we may be able to reciprocate and give back the blessings we’ve received. Thank you very much. May God continue to bless the people behind the Foundation. May you continue to help others in the future, thank you


michael_torrenaName: Michael John B. Torreña
Degree: BS Medical Technology- 2nd Year
School: University of San Agustin, Iloilo

There are a lot of things I learned this academic year. However, let me just elaborate my progress as an individual because it serves as results of what I learned and how I was able to apply it to my life. I became a very patient and kind individual inside and outside the campus. I am involved in projects of our youth organization that helps poor children know how rich they are in the promises of God. I learned to manage my time and promote the biggest weapon I have – LOVE ONE ANOTHER JUST AS GOD LOVES ME MORE THAN ANYTHING ELE IN THIS WORLD. Thank you and God bless the Sunlad Simpex Educational Scholarship Foundation Inc.

jessa_carnajeName: Jessa Mae B. Carnaje
Degree: BS Medical Technology
School: University of San Agustin, Iloilo

Now, I started to realize how lucky I am for having so many opportunities. I have my God, my supportive family and friends, and most especially I have the SUNLAD Foundation, which I consider as my second family. I really don’t know what my future will be without the help of the Foundation not only in financial aspect but also to emotional, social and spiritual aspects. God is really good for giving me a chance to pursue my college degree and for guiding me towards the right path. He never failed me very time and so I will always and never fail to pray and thank HIM in return for showering me such blessings and for not leaving me in times of teething troubles and hitches. I believe that with God in my Life, nothing is impossible because He is everything.